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Basic Access to Census Data (Rescheduled)

Hands-on workshop to help users understand the strengths of various Census data retrieval tools, both freely available ones and those to which the library subscribes:  American FactFinder, the Census Bureau’s freely available database; Social Explorer, a commercially licensed tool to which the library subscribes;  and the grant-supported (so, free to you) National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS).  These tools provide access to pre-constructed data tables published by the Census Bureau.  Some are better for the most recent data and others are useful for historical data.  Come learn how to choose the best tool for your research, and the ins and outs of each tool.

For details and to register, visit:  https://apps.research.unc.edu/events/index.cfm?event=events.browseEvents&searchEventCriteria=&Sponsor_id=150

NOTE:  You have the option to attend this class in-person OR online via Blackboard Collaborate.  Register for the appropriate attendance option at the link above - the online attendance option for the class has "(Online)" in the title.

Prerequisite:  Intro to Census Concepts or equivalent knowledge.

Required: You will need to bring  your personal laptop configured to work with UNC wireless network (UNC Guest, UNC PSK or Eduroam) for use in this workshop.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm
Room 227
Health Sciences Research Hub
Michele Hayslett
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Michele Hayslett

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