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Advanced Access to Census Data (Rescheduled)

Hands-on workshop to help users understand the strengths of various Census (and other survey) data retrieval tools which allow the creation of custom cross-tabulations (that is, custom data tables).  Tools to be covered include:   DataFerrett; iPUMS; TerraPopulus (in beta); and the Triangle Research Data Center (TRDC).  The first three tools are freely available and we will focus on their census data content (U.S. for DataFerrett; U.S. and international for iPUMS and TerraPopulus).  Researchers must apply to the Census Bureau (or other federal agency, e.g., the Centers for Disease Control) for access to the TRDC in order to utilize various survey microdata.  Application procedures will be discussed.

For details and to register, visit:  https://apps.research.unc.edu/events/index.cfm?event=events.browseEvents&searchEventCriteria=&Sponsor_id=150

NOTE:  You have the option to attend this class in-person OR online via Blackboard Collaborate.  Register for the appropriate attendance option at the link above - the online attendance option for the class has "(Online)" in the title.

Prerequisite:  Intro to Census Concepts or equivalent knowledge.

Optional: In-person workshop attendees are encouraged, but not required to bring a personal laptop for use in this workshop to explore covered resources along with the instructor.  If in-person attendees elect to bring a laptop, the computer needs to be configured to work with a UNC wireless network (UNC Guest, UNC PSK or Eduroam).

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm
Room 227
Health Sciences Research Hub
Michele Hayslett
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