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The Black Pioneers Project: A Walk Through Time

In this new version of the Black Pioneers Project, visitors will “walk through time” in Wilson Library.

The Black Pioneers Project was created in 2016. Professor Joseph Megel in the department of communication studies (who is director of the UNC Process Series) directed the original show with the work of students and aid from the Southern Oral History Program.  The work surrounded the experiences of some of the first African Americans at UNC, between 1952-1972. It was inspired by the reunion of these classes at the UNC Homecoming. Through the usage of oral histories, the performance retold the tales of the original Black Pioneers, the oppression they faced, and how they conquered Carolina.

On May 1, the new rendition of the performance will be showcased. The work has been revised and new experiences have been added. Students in African, African American and Diaspora Studies 334: “Performing African American History” have been cultivating a new version of the script, under the guidance of Megel.

This site-specific performance will move the audience through the Wilson Library and through time. Research about Silent Sam and the origins of the Black Student Movement will be brought in to give the audience a well-rounded experience. This new work will be coupled with the old to create a layered performance.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Wilson Library
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