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Scalar I: Building a Multimodal Website

Scalar is a free, open-source authoring and publishing platform that’s designed to make it easy for authors to write long-form, born-digital scholarship online. It was uniquely designed to incorporate all kinds of media sources and allows authors to create collaborative digital books or sites with media and annotations. Come learn the basics in this workshop and build your own Scalar site!

Monday, October 8, 2018
10:00am - 11:00am
Room 124
Undergraduate Library
Sarah Morris
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Sarah Morris

I am the Humanities Research and Digital Instruction Librarian. Currently I support students and faculty in American Studies, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies, as well as English and Comparative Literature. I also collaborate with instructors and students interested in digital pedagogy or alternate assignments, such as digital exhibits, maps, collaborative books, annotated editions, etc. etc. etc. I also act as a liaison to the Office of Distinguished Scholarship and am particularly invested in undergraduates with original research and ideas. 

I am interested in how questions live, in how they change, and especially in how they grow with us. Feel free to schedule an appointment with me wherever you are in your asking. My office is 123 Davis Library. 

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