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Bullitt Club Shorts

Bullitt Club Shorts

For our first lecture of the semester, the Bullitt Club has invited two speakers to give short presentations on different topics.

Act I: Willem Kolff: Physician, Humanitarian, Visionary (Speaker: Rebecca Jones, AGNP-C)

Willem Kolff is considered by many to be the father of artificial organs. But it was the development of the artificial kidney while an internist at the hospital De Engelenbergstichting in Kampen, the Netherlands, in the midst of World War II for which he is best remembered. This lecture highlights Kolff’s journey of innovation and sacrifice in his quest for saving lives of those with otherwise fatal kidney failure.

Act II: The Impact of the French University System on Medical Education (Speaker: Susan Jones)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s New York Academy of Medicine Collection of International Medical Theses contains thousands of titles covering numerous medical topics. Beyond the collection’s content is the history that surrounds the collection itself, with each university, city, or country having its own unique story to tell. In France, medical education and the universities were directly tied to the country’s political atmosphere. The French University System experienced multiple changes during the time of the French Revolution, Napoleon, and throughout the 19th century. Political tension, inadequate funding, and rivalries between the different medical faculties are examples of the challenges that grew out of these changes, which directly affected the development and evolution of medical education.

**Sandwiches provided**

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Room 527
Health Sciences Library
Rebecca Jones, AGNP-C, Nurse Practitioner, UNC-Chapel Hill and Susan Jones, Special Collections Library Technician, University Libraries, UNC-Chapel Hill


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Dawne Lucas, MA, MLS