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"Old Age and Aging in Southern Music" and "Disability Education in the U.S. South during the Long Nineteenth Century"

Wilson Library Dissertation Research Fellowship

The Aged South: Old Age and Aging in Southern Music

Simon Buck is a Ph.D. student at Northumbria University (UK). His doctoral dissertation redeploys concepts from age studies and the medical humanities to enrich our understanding of southern musical cultures in the twentieth century. His primary ambition for this research trip is to engage with archival materials that reveal the role of age in the production, reception, and preservation of vernacular music in the region.

Visiting Summer Research Fellowship

The Parker-Dooley Fund for Southern History

alk: A History of Access: Disability Education in the U.S. South during the Long Nineteenth Century

Amanda Stuckey is an assistant professor of English at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, where she teaches courses in American literature. Her book project examines the intersections of American literary history, book history, and education during the long nineteenth century. Her work at the Wilson Special Collections Library examines the histories of literacy and pedagogy for Blind and Deaf students during the long nineteenth century.

This informal program is part of the summer and fall Wilson Library Research Forum. Each program is an opportunity to hear from one or more fellows about research work that draws on the collections and expertise of the Wilson Special Collections Library. Please visit Wilson Library’s grants and fellowships page to learn more.

Monday, August 12, 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Fourth floor
Wilson Library
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