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Transcending Communal Divisions to Build the 1947 Partition Archive (Kitab Talk Series)

A virtual presentation on the 1947 Partition Archive, with:

-Guneeta Singh Bhalla, founder, 1947 Partition Archive

The 1947 Partition Archive is a project dedicated to documenting the people's history of the 1947 India-Pakistan Partition, a globally disruptive event that created one of the largest mass refugee crises of the last century.

Through an innovative crowdsourcing approach developed in 2010, the 1947 Partition Archive has democratized historical documentation, bringing forth voices from communities previously underrepresented and histories previously unknown. Today, over 9,500 witness oral histories recorded from 14 countries in over 36 languages and dialects have been preserved in the archive, including digital copies of antiquated photographs, documents and images of personal objects of historical value, gathered from personal collections. The collections have been compiled by over 600 Citizen Historian volunteers, over 150 Story Scholars, 200 community-based digital archivists and other volunteers.

This event is part of the Kitab Talk series, which is funded and organized through the Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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